In 2003 a group of participants of the modelling section of MDK 2 proposed to organize a scale modelling competition. Once the idea was accepted in 2004 the first competition was organized. Our intention was to be a local event for the enthusiasts from the nearby area. Despite this intent, the first edition unexpectedly became a nationwide event which gathered participants from the whole country. Because it was quite successful and got very positive feedback the next edition was already being described as “international”. Although we had received applications from the Czech Republic and Hungary, very bad weather prevented anyone from abroad from getting to Bytom that year. The third edition was truly international as we had competitors from the Czech Republic and a sponsor of prizes from South America. The fourth edition gathered modelers from the whole of Poland and also Czech, Italian, German and Hungarian participants. The next years' events were even more successful and we hosted our fellow modellers from many European countries.

In its early years, our event was named a „competition”. Watching what was going on around us, we decided to change its character to a „festival”. This change was a bulls-eye. Thanks to the change of the competition's character, from a tough medal rivalry to a more smooth and free celebration of modelling, we managed to keep the opportunity to award extraordinary works while creating a friendly atmosphere. The change also resulted in larger numbers of participants and exhibited models. Right from the very beginning of the festival regulation we keept many display and competition categories which allows many people to participate for whom scale modelling is their favorite hobby. Our first and most important goal is to promote this hobby as widely as possible. We appreciate every modeler and we always like the motto of our friends from Lublin: „Every modeler is a Master for us” so every year we try to develop some innovations which allow us to present everything what can be created in scale miniature. All these changes and improvements have resulted in an increase in the number of displayed models from 160 to almost 1000 and participating modelers from 50 to over 300. 

Festival in Bytom is organized by both modellers associated in the clubs and those who are not. In addition to these, we have been blessed with the help of many non-modellers without whom we would not be able to organize such a big event. Thanks to all those who decide to participate and present their miniatures we can say today that our event is a celebration day for the whole scale modelling community.

In this short history I purposely did not use any names of organizers or sponsors, as the whole list would surely fill our hosting server to overflowing.

All the best wishes for those who read these words. I hope to see you one day at the festival.