Col. Jan Bialy Memorial

Jan Biały portretHeroes should be honoured and remembered. In keeping with this sentiment, we decided to recall and honour Col. Jan Bialy – a forgotten Polish hero and great patriot.

  • Soldier of three wars: The Great War, Polish-Bolsheviks War and Second World War
  • Pilot, pre-war commander of: 113 and 121 Fighter Escadrille, 21 Line Escadrille, 26 Accompanying Escadrille and I Line Squadron
  • Commander of II Light Bomber Squadron in September 1939 (one air victory)
  • First commander of the 304 (Polish) Bomber Squadron "Land of Silesia, Name of Prince Jozef Poniatowski”), Polish Air Force in Great Britain
  • The oldest operating pilot, participant of the longest and hardest fought victory by Allied bombers over the enemy
  • Cichociemny (Polish special force paratrooper during WW2), nom de guerre "Kadłub"
  • Soldier during the Warsaw Uprising
  • For bravery on the battlefield, he was awarded with the Silver Cross of the Virtuti Military Order, three times with Cross of Valour, Golden Cross of Merit with Swords and Silver Cross of Merit
  • After all of this, he was repressed and imprisoned by the communist authorities

After the war Colonel Jan Bialy lived in Bytom until his death. He was an outstanding person, who should be known not only to the citizens of Bytom but also to all Poles. From jubilee Xth festival the Col. Jan Biały Memorial takes place.

Thank to the kindness of Col. Bialy's Family, Mr. Wojciech Zmyślony and Mr. Mateusz "Bishop" Biskup we can publish on our websites unique materials which will put shed light onto this extraordinary person.